Camden's financial challenge

We’re proud to provide local public services that support our communities, but along with public services across the country, we face a huge financial challenge.

Since 2010 our funding from the government has been halved, and we’ve had to save £169 million.

By 2022 we’ll need to save a further estimated £35-40 million from our annual budget, including saving £23 million in 2019/20. This means making some difficult decisions. 

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We have published proposals for how we plan to make the necessary savings over the next three years as part of our budget plans:

Camden Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy 2019/20 – 2021/22 (PDF)

Next steps

The above report was agreed at a Cabinet meeting on 12 December.

The majority of proposals will require further development. We're committed to involving residents and partners as a part of that development process. There will be plenty of opportunities to help shape decisions. 

We will keep you updated as work progresses on the MTFS and individual proposals.

Standing up for Camden's public services

Long-term sustainable funding is needed to support the public services our citizens rely on.

We know from hearing from thousands of residents as we created Camden 2025, our new community vision, that you have clear ambitions for and concerns about Camden’s future.

The government will shortly publish its provisional settlement for local government funding for the financial year ahead, 2019/20. After the publication there will be a period of consultation. In addition to asking for long-term, sustainable funding for public services, we intend to make the following arguments.

That the government should:

  • Urgently invest the estimated £35-40 million needed to maintain our current service levels 
  • Guarantee no more cuts to local council funding 
  • Properly fund our services for adults and children that are under long-term pressures, such as increased demand from a growing population 
  • Boost funding for all state schools to ensure they have the budgets they need 
  • Provide funding to help us reduce council tax for our poorest citizens 
  • Continue to review Universal Credit and its impacts on the vulnerable.

We will finalise our position once the provisional settlement has been announced.
This is a difficult time for Camden, but we are committed to protecting strong public services, protecting our most vulnerable residents and making sure Camden is a place where nobody gets left behind. We will keep you updated.

Our budget for 2018/2019

The below shows details of our budget for 2018/19. 

Where Camden Council's money comes from

How Camden Council spends its money