Camden must consult with leaseholders if we intend to carry out works, repairs or improvements to your block or estate. How we consult with you depends on the type of contract we use to carry out the works.

Qualifying Long Term Agreement (QLTA)

This is an agreement with a contractor to provide goods or services.  The agreement runs for more than 12 months and can include carrying out major works.  If leaseholders will be required to pay more than £100 per year we must consult with them.  Examples include: building insurance, grounds maintenance, lift and door, and entry maintenance contracts.
Where a QLTA includes works to properties, for example, general building maintenance, and leaseholders will be required to pay more than £250 each, separate consultation must be carried out.  Please refer to the section below called ‘Qualifying Works’.

Qualifying Works

If Camden intends to carry out works not covered by a QLTA, and leaseholders will be required to pay more than £250 each, we will consult with them.  In addition, we consult with leaseholders if a QLTA includes works to properties, such as general building maintenance, where leaseholders will be required to pay more than £250 each.  

European Union

Contracts have to be advertised in the European Union if they are over a certain value.  For Qualifying Long Term Agreements the value is 200,000 Euros for goods or services or 5 million Euros for Qualifying Works. Contracts below these amounts do not have to be advertised within the European Union and in these cases leaseholders have the right to nominate contractors from whom Camden should obtain an estimate.
In addition to the consultation we are legally required to carry out, Camden has introduced a Better Homes Pre Consultation process and an ME planned works process.  Details of these processes can be found in the documents section to the right of this page.

Major works calculations  

Each property has a Rateable Value (RV) based on its size and location. Estate Rateable Values (ERV) are calculated by adding together the RVs for all the properties on the estate.  Similarly Block Rateable Values (BRVs) are calculated by adding together the RVs for all the properties in the block.
We work out the cost for major works by using rateable values. We divide the cost of works to the estate by the ERV and multiply this by your property RV. For example:
Total cost = £7681.39  (A)
Block RV = 603 (B)
Property RV = 376 (C)
Property cost = £4789.72 (D)
A divided by B, multiplied by C, equals D


If we will be incurring costs for major works to your block/estate, we will ask you to make an advance payment as part of your estimated service charge at the beginning of the financial year. After the end of the financial year, we will work out your share of any expenditure for major works and send you an actual adjustment in September.

Major Works Payment Options

When the Council carries out major works to the block or the estate where you live, your lease requires that you have to pay towards the cost. We recognise that it can be difficult for some leaseholders to meet the costs of major works bills.  Therefore we offer a number of different options for leaseholders.  Details can be found in our Major Works Guide.
If you wish to discuss these options with us, please call us on 020 7974 4444.